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Syndicate Bank in association with NSDL e-Governance Infrastructure Limited (NSDL e-Gov) and Warmond Trustees and Executors Pvt. Ltd. (Warmond) is offering an online third party service of data submission for 'Will Preparation' through computerized platform namely SyndWasiyat.

NSDL e-Gov has developed EzeeWill, hosted the platform and is managing the infrastructure facilitating the provision of submitting the WILL preparation request by providing the relevant data in a structured format and systematic manner.  Warmond has deployed its panel of legal experts / lawyers to study the data submitted by the client for preparation of the "WILL" and prepare / write the Will on behalf of the client.  Warmond will also ensure the delivery of the WILL to the client through various modes which includes email, courier or hand delivery (at selected cities) by Warmond representative.

Advantages of Online EzeeWill:

SyndWasiyat is provided as a Value Added Service to the customers

  •  Easy format based online Process for WILL drafting
  •  Online guidance in the form of Tooltips/FAQs by the legal experts
  •  Convenience of completing the process in user own time
  •  Safe and Secure WILL preparation process
  •  Payment to be done once the required details are provided and reviewed
  •  Simple & Convenient way to secure Wealth Distribution
Write your own Will in 3 easy steps!
1. Enrol and complete Online Questionnaire
  Provide the details filling up the form, designed systematically to capture the data for preparation of Will.
2. Review, submit, make the payment
  Review the data provided in step 1 and if satisfied, submit for preparation of Will. On submission, make payment (Online/Offline)
3. Final legal Will draft ready in your hands
  If you are satisfied with the draft sent to you for review, the final legal Will be delivered to you through Email


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