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Last Updated : 27.09.2019

Right Of Investors

  • The Bond will be issued within 7 days from the date of realization of the cheque.
  • The Certificate of Holding will be issued within 5 days from the date of tender of application.
  • The interest on the bond accrues from the date of subscription in cash or date of realization of cheque. The half-yearly interest warrants will be despatched one month in advance from the due date.
  • The interest on the date of 1st February / 1st August will be credited to the bank account or remitted by an interest warrant at the last registered address.
  • An advice of payment of interest will be issued to the investor one month in advance from the due date.
  • A sole holder may nominate one or more nominees to the rights of the bonds. Non-resident Indian can also be nominated.
  • The nomination will be registered at the Office of Issue and a Certificate of Registration will be issued to the holder
  • The nomination can be varied by registering a fresh nomination.
  • The existing nomination can be cancelled by a request to the Office of Issue
  • The redemption is due on the expiry of six years from the date of investment.
  • Early redemption facility is not available.
  • The investor is entitled to receive repayment amount within five clear working days from the date of tender of acquittance.
  • Facility for payment of half yearly interest / redemption proceeds can be availed through ECS or direct credit to the bank account. Applicants may indicate his choice, to avoid delay in receipt of interest / redemption proceeds.

 In case the Branches does not comply with the above, you may lodge a complaint in writing in the form provided at the counter and address the same to the Registered Office as under:

The Asst.General Manager (Accounts), 

Syndicate Bank, 
Registered Office, 
MANIPAL – 576 104. 
(Karnataka State)

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