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Last Updated : 14.06.2019

Other Products & Services


Our Bank is offering Global Debit Cum ATM Card to the account holders of all our Branches under the Brand Names “RuPay”, “VISA” and “Maestro”. The Bank also offers Global Credit Cards to the account holders with features like minimum payable amount and lower interest rates. The Bank has joined NFS network of NPCI. The Debit and Credit Cards can be used for purchases at any merchant establishments that accept the respective Brand Card in India. The Debit and Credit Cards can also be used to withdraw cash from all ATMs across India. While “RuPay” Cards will be accepted by ATMs & Merchant Establishments that accept “’Discover’ Brand Cards”, “VISA” and “Maestro” Cards will be accepted by ATMs and Merchant Establishments and ATMs across the globe which accept VISA/MASTER cards.


Point of Sales(POS):

The Bank has ventured into the Acquiring Business (Merchant Establishment-POS Business through Electronic Data Capturing), empowering customers having Establishments / Shops / Educational Institutions, thus meeting all requirements.


Remittance/ Transfer of funds can be effected through:

Purchase of Demand Drafts.

On line transfer of money from one Branch to an account with another Branch of the Bank.

Bank has implemented NEFT, RTGS for transfer of funds to accounts with other Banks and NECS for 

 Bank has also tied up with Western Union Money Transfers for extending money transfer facilities.


The public can collect the local or outstation cheques/bills drawn on our branches or branches of other banks through all our branches subject to payment of prevalent charges. The Bank is offering Cash Management Services 

(CMS) enabling speedy collection of receivables of corporates at select branches. The discounting of cheques/bills is also considered at the request of the customers based on the conduct of their accounts.


The bank offers the facility of Safe Deposit Lockers to the public for safe keeping of the valuables/ articles and the locker rent depends on the size of the lockers.


The bank accepts for safe keeping important documents like Deposit Receipts, Share Certificates, Securities, Will and sealed covers etc. subject to prevalent guidelines at its branches for a nominal fee. The customers may also utilise the facility for collection of interest on such securities kept in safe custody with the bank at the prescribed charges.



The Bank for ease and convenience of the public, accepts various taxes, duties and utility payments like telephone bills, electricity bills, water bills, school fees etc. at select/ designated branches and such facility of acceptance will be on display at those branches. A product SyndBillPay is designed exclusively for such utility bill payments.

Our Bank's 322 designated branches collect Direct Taxes through Physical challans (OLTAS).
e-payment of Direct Taxes by Internet Customers.
Our 189 designated branches collect Indirect Taxes (Easiest).
Acceptance of Karnataka State Taxes through e-payment  by Internet Customers.
e-payment of Indirect Taxes including e-receipts(EASeR).
e_Vat facility for Karnataka, UP and Maharashtra states introduced.

The convenience of opening and maintaining 15 – years Public Provident Fund account, Senior Citizen’s Savings Scheme-2004, Sukanya Samriddhi and Kisan Vikas Patra is offered to the public through our 70 designated branches and these accounts can be transferred between branches of our bank or to post office as desired by the account holder. The Bank through designated branches sells and maintains accounts of government of India Saving Bonds, Sovereign Gold Bonds…etc.

Clean Note Policy: The bank is committed to the Clean Note Policy and soiled/ cut/ mutilated notes will not be issued to the public. The notes are not stapled by our branches/ Extension counters and public are issued only the paper-banded sections of issuable notes.

Exchange of Mutilated/Soiled Notes:All Branches are delegated powers for exchange of certain types of mutilated notes as per RBI Note Refund Rules. The public can also exchange soiled notes, exchange of notes to coins and exchange of coins to notes freely with the Branches during Office Hours. Notes on which political or religious slogans are written are not exchangeable under any circumstances. The facility of exchange of mutilated and cut notes can be availed at all our Branches and notice to this effect is displayed at all Branches.

Soiled Notes:A note which has become limp or which has developed minor cuts due to wear and tear or which is disfigured by oil, color, ink etc. is treated as soiled note. Notes which have been divided vertically through or near the centre with numbers intact are also treated as soiled notes. Banknotes with anything written on them are also treated as soiled notes and are not to be re- circulated.

Mutilated Note:A mutilated note is a note of which a portion is missing or a note which is composed of pieces, provided that the note presented is not less than half of the area of the note and that if the note is composed of a note joined together, each piece is, in the opinion of the Prescribed Officer identifiable as part of the same note.

Forged Note: Notes/coins which are found to have been forged /counterfeited will not be returned to the tenderer & forwarded to RBI and no value thereof is paid. The notes which have found to be deliberately cut or tampered with will not accepted for exchange.

  •  Features of Currency Notes of denomination 20005001005020 and 10

The Bank is committed to transparency and Customer-Friendly approach in its dealings with the public.

Dissemination of Information: The bank has adopted Fair Practice Code, Model Deposit Policy and other Customer-oriented policies for fair and impartial banking practices and the information is on display on the bank's web site. The public can ascertain the prevalent interest rates, service charges and various other charges from the branch staff and are free to take informed decisions.

Notice Board:The interest rates on deposits are displayed prominently at the branches and Extension counters. A notice board is provided in the branch wherein the modifications to the products/services and bank's information of public interest will be displayed for the benefit of the public.

Customer Fortnight: The branches of the bank observe customer fortnight once in a year with a view to specifically focussing on the customer needs.

Customer Day:All the branches and Regional Offices of the Bank observe 15th of every month as Customer Day and the branch head/ heads of ROs are available between 3.00 PM and 5.00 PM on that day to hear and redress customer grievances. If 15th day happens to be a holiday the Customer Day will be observed on the succeeding working day.

Customer Meet:All the branches organise a Customer Meet once in a year to provide a public forum for customers to offer their suggestions on the working of the branch/bank.

May I Help You Counter:May I Help You counters are provided at select branches to provide assistance to the customer in carrying out various banking transactions and to provide the necessary information on the bank's products and services.

Immediate Credit of Outstation/Local Cheques:The Bank extends immediate credit to the accounts of the customers for the local/outstation cheques up to Rs.15,000/= on payment of normal collections charges after satisfying about the proper conduct of the account.

Confidentiality of Dealings:The information related to transactions/ dealings/accounts of the public with the bank will be kept confidential unless such information requires disclosure by law.

Acceptance of Small Denomination Notes:The branches accept the small denomination of notes form the customers for issue of drafts etc. and no extra charges are levied for such acceptance.

Customer Service Committee:All the branches and Regional Offices/General Manager's Offices constitute customer service committees for studying the complaints, suggestions, difficulties faced by the public and suggest ways and means for improvement in the quality of service rendered to match the expectation of the public.

Complaint/Suggestion Box:A complaint/suggestion box is installed at prominent place in the branches/Extension Counters for the convenience of the public for making suggestions or for lodging complaint or for outlining the perceived deficiencies. The box will be opened every day and the suggestions/complaints will receive immediate attention by the bank officials.

Complaint Book:
A complaint book is available at all branches/offices to facilitate lodging of complaints by the public.

Display of Boards: The name and address of the Appellate Authority who can be approached for redress of the grievances is prominently displayed at all branches and offices. The address of the office of Banking Ombudsman having the respective jurisdiction facilitating resolution of customer complaints is also displayed on the board.

Redress of Grievances:The bank has constituted customer grievance redressal cells at all Regional Offices, General Manager's Offices and at Corporate Office Bangalore to ensure prompt redress of customer complaints. The Cells besides reviewing the grievances of the constituents, also implements steps for the betterment of the customer service in the operational area. The outline of grievance redressal mechanism is as under:

  • The complaints will be acknowledged by the branch/office in receipt of it.
  •  The Branch Head will take prompt steps to attend to the complaint within the existing framework of rules and guidelines and informs the action taken to the complainant.
  •  The Regional Office after receipt of the complaint makes necessary inquiries with the concerned branch and initiate steps to redress the complaint
  •  Prompt action is initiated at all levels to resolve the complaints and explain the matters to the complainant in a time-bound manner

he aggrieved members of public can bring the matter to the notice of Chairman & Managing Director or Executive Director or General Manager (Planning development & Marketing Department) at the following address. 

Syndicate Bank,
Corporate Office,
2nd Cross, Gandhinagar, 
Bangalore - 560 009 
Syndicate Bank,
Head Office, 
Manipal - 576 104 
  •  In case the complaints are not redressed to the satisfaction of the public, the aggrieved may escalate the complaint in writing to Banking Ombudsman having operational jurisdiction over the branch/office of the cause of the event

Disclaimer: The contents of this website are purely for information dissemination. It does not constitute any solicitation of business.