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Last Updated : 27.09.2019

Loan Schemes


The Bank has carefully designed the loan schemes to meet divergent financial needs of various segments of society and the repayment schedules are tailored to suit their income streams. Our Personal Banking Loan Schemes viz. SyndSaral, SyndSuvidha, SyndVahan, SyndKisan, SyndMortgage aim to fulfil the individual financial needs like purchase of consumer durables, vehicles or any other genuine credit requirements. The students pursuing higher education are provided credit under our SyndVidya scheme. The agriculturists, professionals, salaried class, executives, traders, pensioners, defence personnel, industrialists can meet their financial needs through various credit schemes of the Bank. SyndNivas meets the aspirations of the public to own a house. Loan products are designed to provide credit against security/pledge of gold ornaments, NSC, KVP, LIC Policies, GOI Bonds, shares of public listed companies, units of UTI and against rents receivable etc. also. The temporary financial needs of pensioners and people drawing salary through our branches are met through SyndOverline and temporary overdrafts in SB accounts. 

The agriculturists can fulfil their investment needs through our agri-financial schemes for crop production, land development, minor irrigation, allied activities, plantation, hi-tech agriculture etc. The Syndicate Kisan Credit Card (SKCC) and Syndicate Kisan Samrudhi Credit Card (SKSCC) are products for agriculturists proposed to meet their needs for crop production, allied activities, repairs to machinery and consumption. The schemes like SyndLaghuUdyami, SyndVyapar, SyndSwarna, SyndPigmy, SyndRent, SyndUdyog are devised to meet the credit needs of entrepreneurs, artisans, traders, Professional & Self-employed, SME Sector, business units, manufacturing units and service entities. The Bank is lending under various schemes for upliftment of the poor and the downtrodden. The Bank is also involved in identifying and arranging training to the unemployed youth through banks jointly sponsored institutes like RUDSETI, SIRD etc. and providing credit for self-employment activity/venture. The Bank has rolled out products to meet every genuine credit requirement of individuals, institutions, corporates etc. and put in place hassle-free procedures and provides all the necessary information including all costs to the public/customers. In recognition of the financial empowerment of women, the bank has launched the product SyndMahila to extend credit facilities to women without regular income. The product SyndPravasi is launched to grant Rupee loans to NRI Customers. The bank has also entered into a tie-up arrangement with insurance companies to provide insurance cover to the beneficiaries of SyndNivas (housing loan) at prescribed premium. 
The bank is also well in tune with the demands of modern banking with specialisation in Foreign Exchange, Export Credit, Industrial Finance, Housing Finance and Treasury Operations.

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