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Last Updated : 27.09.2019

Common Practices - TimeNorms

At Centralised Banking Solution (CBS) branches the business can be transacted for 5½ hours on weekdays and 4 hours on Saturdays. Branches of the Bank transact business with the public in the usual course for 4 hours from Monday to Friday and for 2 hours on Saturday. However the customers who entered the banking hall before the close of business hours will also be attended. At totally computerised branches the business hours are extended by an hour on weekdays. At select branches, for enhanced public convenience 7 day banking / Sunday Banking is practised.

All branches/Extension Counters prominently display both inside and outside the premises, the details of business and working hours for the convenience of the public.

The bank has provided the facility of undertaking the non-cash transactions such as issue of passbook/ statement of account/ cheque book/ traveller's cheques, delivery of term deposit receipt and acceptance of individual cheques for transfer credit at all branches up to one hour before the close of working hours.

The Bank observes holidays as declared by the Government under Negotiable Instruments Act during which there will not be any transactions. The list of such holidays will be displayed in the notice board of the branches. To serve as a quick reminder a board displaying "Tomorrow is a Holiday" in the local language is displayed prominently on the working day immediately preceding such holiday. However transactions through ATM, Telebanking, Internet Banking can be effected on all days inclusive of Sundays or other holidays thus assuring the service availability for all 24 hours of all days through CBS network.

All branches display "time norms" indicative of the maximum timings required for extending various services under normal circumstances. In case of delay, the customers may bring the matter to the notice of the branch head or to the Appellate Authority seeking remedy.

Teller Facility is introduced in all Totally Computerised and CBS branches to reduce the transaction time in cash withdrawal and cash deposits up to certain monetary ceiling. Under this single window concept the withdrawal slip/cheque of amount up to the prescribed ceiling may be tendered to the teller directly to obtain the cash thus reducing the transaction/waiting time. In CBS branches services from the front-line officers are made available.

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