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Last Updated : 27.09.2019

Charter for Small and Medium Enterprises (SME)

We have built our reputation as a customer-centric Bank on a strong foundation of values. We continually sharpen and hone our skills to suit your convenience. It is our mission to ensure that your banking experience with us is unrivalled in excellence. The Citizen's Charter is one more effort for improvement of our Customer Care measures. It gives you information on your rights as a customer, the mechanisms available to you to correct us if necessary and also on the products and services offered by us. Our aim is your Delight. This Charter is our way of stating with confidence: Thank you for choosing us. It is indeed the right choice.
Through the Citizen's Charter the Bank has committed itself to constantly endeavour to customise its initiatives for addressing the varying needs of different segments of its vast customer base. In fulfillment of this commitment, the Bank has evolved a Customer charter for the exclusive use of its customers in Small and Medium Enterprises (SME) segment. This Charter provides details of the special terms and benefits that the Bank offers to its SME customers.

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