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Last Updated : 24.12.2019

Bank Computerisation

Computerisation in a nutshell

  • The Bank is committed to improve the quality of service to its clientele through extensive induction of technology in its day to day operations..
  • The Bank has 4010 Banking outlets in India covering 36 States and Union Territories including one Banking outlet in London as on date .
  • Of these 2360 are located in Rural and Semi Urban centres..
  • All the branches/ Offices in India are currently under Centralized Server Setup.
  • Our overseas branch at London has been brought under overseas CBS with the latest software application having capabilities to support customer focused banking, product configuration, multi-channel capability, etc.

100% of the bank's business has been captured on computers.

Centralised Banking Solution (CBS) Branches:

Considering the emerging needs and requirements of customers to facilitate banking from any place and any time, the bank has adopted CBS, which integrates IT & Communication Technology and introduced several products and services at these branches. The Bank has implemented CBS across all the Banking outlets including Ananya Branches, Digi Zones practising very high service standards offering an array of services like ATMs, Internet Banking, Mobile Banking, Instant fund transfer, Multi-City accounts, Any branch banking, Synd UPI, Synd e-passbook etc. Carrying the brand name Syndicate-e-Banking, the state-of-the-art services enhances customer convenience through multiple delivery channels offering high-end products in consonance with various requirements of the public and corporates. The branches offer super premium savings accounts with sweep-in and sweep-out facility to offer the twin benefits of higher interest rates and liquidity of demand deposits. The information on the products and services offered at such branches can be obtained from any CBS branch or from the bank's web site.

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